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July 10, 2013

FoREMS & More Webinar: The Business Case for Risk Management: How Doing Good is Good for Business

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Business Case for Risk Management: How Doing Good is Good for Business

In many pharmaceutical and device manufacturing organizations, safety risk management is pigeonholed as a product safety or regulatory compliance activity that is a cost of doing business (and perhaps unwelcomed at that). As a result, securing funding for programs and staffing is often challenging as the business constrains “non-productive” costs. The reality is the principles and methods of safety risk management can address important gaps in healthcare that could alleviate an estimated $200 billion wasted by inappropriate use of medications in the US alone.  It is important for risk management professionals to understand and defend the broader business value of risk management programs.  


  • Review key findings of recent publications illustrating the financial burden of inappropriate use of medications
  • Demonstrate how the discipline of risk management addresses many gaps in healthcare beyond the regulatory requirements for RMPs or REMS
  • Illustrate how to make a business case for robust support of risk management in industry


  • Jeff Fetterman, President, ParagonRx International
  • Greg Muffler, CEO, IPO/CellepathicRx

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