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April 10, 2013

FoREMS & More: Health Literacy in Pharmaceutical Risk Management

The core objectives of all pharmaceutical risk management plans are patient safety and medication safe use. A critical component in order to achieve both objectives is effective communication at an appropriate health literacy level. However, the scientific nature of the pharmaceutical industry has made it challenging to illustrate complex issues in a simple, effective manner. This webinar will address the concern for appropriate levels of health literacy that are needed to be achieved in order to ensure that medication safe use messages are received.


  • Defining health literacy and its relation to pharmaceutical risk management
  • Measuring and analyzing health literacy levels
  • Economic impact of health literacy and patient outcomes
  • Literature review of health literacy in healthcare and pharmaceutical risk management
  • Potential future efforts to close the gap between health literacy levels and pharmaceutical risk management plans


  • Jeff Fetterman – President, ParagonRx
  • M. Kris Srinivasan, MD, MBA, M.Eng.HSE – Clinical Consulting Director, ParagonRx


Webinar Slide Set:


To watch the session replay, click here.

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