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November 13, 2012

Wednesday FoREMS: Shared System REMS: Trends and Best Practices

For many pharmaceutical industry professionals involved in REMS planning, the special challenges of implementing shared system REMS may seem remotely relevant until realizing some of the startling facts:

  • Over 50 products are involved in four shared system REMS
  • The number of shared system REMS doubled in 2012
  • Several new REMS elements have been pioneered in shared system REMS

This program provides an overview of the current state of shared system REMS and provides recommendations and best practices for success.

  • Overview of shared system REMS and trends
  • Discussion of special complexities in shared system REMS
  • Best practices for shared system implementation
  • Discussion of implications for all risk management professionals

  • Jemma Contreras, PhD - Senior Engagement Manger, Campbell Alliance
  • Marc DeLuca - Clinical Services Manager, ParagonRx
  • Jeff Fetterman - President, ParagonRx


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Session Replay:

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