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October 12, 2012

Wednesday FoREMS: Trends Emerging in Risk Management and Insights from ICPE

TERM is a growing community of pharmaceutical risk management professionals who convene periodically for purposes of networking, education, and mutual problem solving. More than 30 risk management professionals have now convened at one of six venues to discuss trends that inform the development of programs that support Safe Use of medications.

Two recent TERM meetings have focused on important insights arising from the 28th International Conference for Pharmacoepidemiology (ICPE) & Therapeutic Risk Management, held in Barcelona in August. This webinar describes the TERM community of risk management professionals and their recent discussions of ICPE findings.


  • Review of the emerging TERM community
  • Expectations for assessing risk minimization from preliminary findings of CIOMS Working Group IX
  • Risk minimization expectations from new EU pharmacovigilance guidance


  • Jeff Fetterman - President, ParagonRx


Webinar Slide Set:




Session Replay:

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