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August 8, 2012

Wednesday FoREMS: Money, drugs, and safety: Lessons learned from risk management in the financial world that inform medication Safe Use

Over the past 5-10 years, legislation in the US and EU has vastly expanded regulatory requirements for pharmaceutical risk management. The pharmaceutical industry has responded with new roles, procedures, and methods to address growing regulatory expectations.

Although this is relatively new for pharmaceuticals, it is important to remember that many other industries have successfully managed risks with systematic methods for decades. Among those pioneers in risk management methods is the fund management and banking industry that, despite recent political rhetoric, has measured, analyzed, and managed risks successfully, especially when focused on the alpha/idiosyncratic risk (individual equity and company) as opposed to beta/systematic risk that is market dependent.


Participants in this webinar will:

  • Learn risk management methods employed by the financial services industry
  • Review selected case studies (Biotech-Tysabri, Campath; Pharma-Celebrex, Vioxx, Prexige; Medtech-Durata, Riata, Taxus)
  • Apply certain best practices to pharmaceutical risk management
  • Have an opportunity to ask questions
  • Antony E. Pfaffle, MD - Director of Healthcare Research, Bearing Circle Capital
  • Jeff Fetterman - President, ParagonRx


Webinar Slide Set:




Session Replay:

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