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April 11, 2012

Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies: A Payer's Perspective

Optimizing the safe use of medication requires participation from a variety of stakeholders.  Pharmaceutical manufacturers, regulators, healthcare providers, and patients are stakeholders that are often cited during risk management planning, but the role of the payer in today’s managed market needs to be more fully understood.

In this edition of our Wednesday FoREMS webinar, we will explore the payer’s role and perspective on risk management by evaluating several sources.  We will begin with selected findings of a survey among payer professionals to understand how managed markets and risk management affect one another.  Next, we will focus on the perspective of one payer to understand how the admirable objectives of REMS are sometimes not fully realized in real world implementation.  Finally, we will close with a moderated discussion among managed markets professionals and experts to provide recommendations for risk management professionals.

  • Evaluate whether market access controls may be a shared objective for both risk management and managed markets
  • Understand why there can be a gap between the objectives of risk management and the reality of REMS implementation
  • Review  the evolving perspective of payer professionals based on the findings of two surveys
  • Discuss  possible recommendations to pharmaceutical companies for how to collaborate with payers in the design and/or implementation of REMS
  • Jeff Fetterman – President, ParagonRx
  • Lujing Wang, MD, MPH – Practice Leader, Pricing and Market Access, Campbell Alliance
  • Larry Hsu, MD – Medical Director, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Hawaii
  • David McNinch – former VP Marketing and Managed Markets, Ipsen


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