White papers afford the reader with an opportunity to learn more from our specific experiences with appropriate use program design, including ethnographic observational research of clinicians in practice and adult education methods.

Effective Education Leading to Behavior Change

According to medical literature, traditional medical education is not effective in changing behavior. Consider incorporating a combination of interactive tactics into the design of educational programs in order to successfully change behavior.

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White Papers by Ben Berman

Captain Ben Berman is a senior research associate at San Jose University/NASA Ames Research Center and a recognized expert in the area of risk mitigation and management in the airline industry. The former Chief of Major Investigations of the U.S. National Transportation Board, Captain Berman previously led the Operational Factors Division, serving as a member of the major accident go-team responsible for flight operations and safety studies.

Effective Risk Management and Quality Improvement by Application of FMEA and Complementary Techniques

An in-depth discussion about Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) as used in the aerospace and airline industries and why FMEA, extended with appropriate top-down, probabilistic, and feedback methods, is an excellent framework for risk management and quality improvement in the post-design/post-manufacture environment.

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Expert Evaluation of RxFMEA®

An expert review and evaluation of RxFMEA®, our proprietary modification and extension of the basic FMEA methodology. The objective of RxFMEA® is the comprehensive management of risks in the pharmaceutical industry.  RxFMEA® identifies specific weaknesses in the distribution and use processes for a pharmaceutical product, some of which generate potential risks to patients. It guides the development of interventions to mitigate these risks.

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