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Wednesday FoREMS: Topic TBA

June 13, 2012


Recent Webinars

Wednesday FoREMS: From Compliance to Care: Moving the Needle on Standard REMS Communication Metrics

May 9, 2012


Wednesday FoREMS: Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies: A Payer's Perspective

April 11, 2012


Wednesday FoREMS: Healthcare Systems Engineering: Tools to Untangle Complexity and Mitigate Risks

March 14, 2012


Wednesday FoREMS: Standardization of REMS in the Customized Healthcare Marketplace

February 8, 2012


Wednesday FoREMS: 2011 REMS Year in Review

January 11, 2012


Wednesday FoREMS: Optimizing REMS: FDA Blueprint for Long-Acting and Extended Release Opioid REMS as a Case Example

December 14, 2011


Wednesday FoREMS: Pharmacists’ Perspective: Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS)

November 9, 2011


Wednesday FoREMS: Reducing Medication Errors: The Science Behind Patient Medical Information

October 12, 2011


Wednesday FoREMS: Anticipating Change: Review of CDER’s Science and Research Needs Report

September 14, 2011


Wednesday FoREMS: Evolving Towards More Systematic Benefit-Risk Assessments of Medications

August 10, 2011


Wednesday FoREMS: Patient Registries and Observational Studies: Strategic and Operational Considerations

July 13, 2011


Wednesday FoREMS: Long-Acting Opioid Class REMS: An Update of New Requirements and Implications for Us All

May 11, 2011


Wednesday FoREMS: Voluntary Risk Management Measures: Opportunity or Overkill?

April 13, 2011


Wednesday FoREMS: Our “Guidance” on the New FDA Draft Guidance for MedGuides in REMS

March 9, 2011


Wednesday FoREMS: Novel Technologies and Methods for Distributing REMS Communications

February 9, 2011


Wednesday FoREMS: Failure Mode and Effect Analysis: Identifying and Managing Risks That Appear Beyond Your Control

January 12, 2011


Wednesday FoREMS: REMS 2010: A Year in Review

December 8, 2010


Wednesday FoREMS: Help Wanted: Qualified Pharmacovigilance Risk Management Professionals

November 10, 2010


Wednesday FoREMS: "Hot" Topics in REMS Assessments

October 13, 2010


Wednesday FoREMS: Risk Communications

September 8, 2010


Wednesday FoREMS: Sales and Marketing in the World of REMS

August 11, 2010


Wednesday FoREMS: Considering A Drug Safety Perspective of REMS

July 14, 2010


Wednesday FoREMS: Building REMS into Your Organization

June 9, 2010


Wednesday FoREMS: REMS Challenges: The Payer's Perspective

May 12, 2010


Wednesday FoREMS: The REMS Coordination Office: Organizing to Effectively Manage REMS

April 14, 2010


Wednesday FoREMS: REMS Leadership Challenges and Best Practices: A Panel Discussion of Industry Leaders

March 10, 2010


Wednesday FoREMS: Beginning with the End in Mind: Managing the Effectiveness of REMS Implementation

February 10, 2010


Wednesday FoREMS:  Cracking the Code on REMS Assessments: Opportunities for Improvement and Redesign

January 13, 2010


FDA Draft REMS Guidance: Implications and Opportunities for REMS Lifecycle Management

December 9, 2009


Pharmaceutical Risk Management Lessons from the Airline Industry

August 27, 2009


Drug Safety Executive Council (DSEC) Webinar

July 28, 2009


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